Head Chef Mark Knox brings his magic out to venue, District Brasserie located at the bottom of Chiefly Square. For the corporate suits that work in Chiefly Tower, they would be aware of the two areas of District Brasserie, there’s the cafe and bakery and secondly also the bar and restaurant areas of District Brasserie. I personally don’t work in Chiefly Tower so I was pleasantly surprised to check this venue out on a Friday night as date night with MW.

District Brasserie (Sydney, Australia) Paul Kelly Design

The new District Brasserie, sitting in the grand foyer of Chiefly, one of Sydney’s slickest building, was recently the setting for the launch of Harper’s BAZAAR’S December 2017 issue, our annual Woman of the Year edition.

Revitalising corporate dining, this modern Australian restaurant and bar with a French twist, will be a new favourite in the heart of the financial district.

French dining is experiencing a renaissance in Sydney with a spate of new bistros — like Hubert, Bistro Rex, LoLuk and the soon-to-open Eté and Frenchies — slowly but surely taking over. The latest is District Brasserie, a new fine dining venue committed to bringing affordable luxury to the masses. All we can say is, let the revolution begin.

Time is money, folks. So let’s see if the newly arrived District Brasserie at the foot of the Chifley tower can pull off the One Hour Business Lunch. After all, 5000 people work in this building, and they’re not the sort of people who like hanging around waiting for their steak.

If you’ve been looking for somewhere nicer than a boring ol’ food court to spend your lunch break, then look no further guys, because District Brasserie is here to save you from your sad lunches (and yourself). This place mixes French fine dining with casual take-away vibes with their new brasserie and bakery (a match made in foodie heaven, if we do say so). We’re suckers for the aged brass and polished marble fit out that brings just the right amount of fancy to your brekky/lunch meeting/dinner date/day. It’s sophisticated without being schmancy, so obviously it’s our kind of place.

Open from morning till night, District Brasserie is bringing a much needed all-day venue to the heart of Sydney’s CBD. Acting as both a takeaway coffee shop and sit-down restaurant/bar from breakfast straight on through late-night dinner, the 200-seater opened this week to a warm welcome of city dwellers. Designed by Paul Kelly (BLACK by Ezard, Sokyo), the restaurant pays tribute to the classic brasserie style with aged brass highlights, simple timber tables, dark leather booths and an elegant green marble bar — perfect for post-work knock-offs or cheeky lunchtime tipples.

Chifley continues to grow as one of Sydney’s most exciting new food hubs with District Brasserie, a new opening helmed by Head Chef Mark Knox with a commitment to “refined yet casual” dining. The multifacted 200-seater restaurant, bar and bakery, designed by the stalwart Paul Kelly, has also recruited Jason Hillier-Leggatt, a former pastry chef at the famous La Renaissance who now oversees the restaurant’s in-house bakery.

There’s a new business-savvy trend in Sydney dining – venues that try to do absolutely everything. A month after all-day venues Bacco and Rocker opened, there’s another all-encompassing venue: District Brasserie, which opens today in the CBD.

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